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An Overview of Legal Finance and Lawsuit Funding

There are literally millions of people involved in personal injury cases each year.(1) Less than a decade ago, before pre settlement lawsuit funding, before the services from companies like Oasis Legal Finance, if someone were injured and out of work due to the negligence of someone else, they could’ve been in serious trouble. With limited, or no income, their ability to even pay the day-to-day living expenses could’ve been jeopardized.

So what did they do? Back then without pre settlement lawsuit funding, to finance their basic needs before their lawsuit settled they got help from family, racked up credit card debt, or had to settle their legal case early just to get some cash to avoid complete financial ruin. Today, with pre settlement lawsuit funding (also known as legal finance, legal funding, settlement funding, etc.) from companies like Oasis, the public has another option. One that provides for the current cash needs of the injured party (the plaintiff), and gives the plaintiff’s attorney the time they need to work toward a fair and just settlement award.

Our mention of the serious financial hardship many plaintiffs find themselves in, may sound like we’re describing extreme cases. The truth is we hear about these situations every day. Sure, with most of these cases, the injuries are relatively minor and the defendant usually settles the case quickly with a fair award. Yet, with over 250,000 people applying for pre settlement lawsuit funding over the past several years – and that’s just with Oasis – there is clear evidence that there is a significant need for what the legal finance industry has to offer.

You’ve come to our site for a reason; whether you’re just doing research on pre settlement lawsuit funding, or are thinking of applying for financial help with a legal funding, you’ve come to the right place! Look through our site to get all the information you need, or simply give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. While we’re sure you’ve heard it before, we’ll say it again, that an educated consumer is our best customer.

It is important to clarify that Oasis does not provide legal advice for your case, nor can we refer you to an attorney. However, we can answer most any question you may have about pre settlement lawsuit funding (as mentioned, you’ll hear many terms defining the service we offer; legal funding, litigation finance, legal finance, pre settlement funding, settlement funding, etc.).

If you’re ready to apply for a lawsuit funding with Oasis, you won’t find a process that is faster, easier and more customer-friendly. Oasis is straight-forward with no up-front fees, and we require that your attorney is involved in the process and signs the agreement – not many other financial transactions require that level of review, and consumer protection.

To start your free application simply begin by completing the form on this page. Or if you’re not yet ready, don’t worry this is NOT a limited time offer. We’re here when you need us. If you’d like to learn more about the basics of qualifying for a pre settlement lawsuit funding, or about the approval and funding process, simply click on the highlighted terms.

For legal information about your personal injury case and possible cash settlement, consult your lawyer.

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