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Consumer Legal Funding For Your Clients

Consumer Legal Funding can provide valuable benefits for your law practice, as long as your funding company is easy to work with!
  1. How often do your clients call asking you for a loan to get by until their settlement money comes in?
  2. How often do they call pressuring you to settle so they can get their money quickly?
  3. How often have you lost money, or not made as much because your client has had to settle prematurely?
Managing these situations costs you time and money. Let Oasis help you with both. We can provide your client with consumer legal funding to help them with their immediate needs so you can carry on fighting the case toward the largest settlement possible.

Knowing that now or in the future, clients of yours are likely to need cash before their case settles. When they do, call us! We can often approve their case with a single phone call, and get them the cash they need the very same day! Oasis offers you the fastest, simplest, and most hassle-free process available to handle all of your referrals quickly and efficiently and to provide for your client when they need it most.

Oasis is the largest consumer legal funding company in the country. We have the experience and the staff to answer those seemingly constant client phone calls, seeking help with their immediate cash needs, when your time is better spent focusing on obtaining a solid settlement for your clients and building your law practice.

Thank you for taking the time to see how litigation funding with Oasis can dramatically increase the productivity and profitability of your law practice! To get started, simply call me with your client’s case information. I’ll take it from there!

Colin Lawler, Esq.
Vice President Operations
Phone: 847-521-4303
Fax: 847-521-4380

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