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The Case Review and Funding Process

Oasis Legal Finance has a simple, fast and efficient streamlined funding process to review and process applications for consumer legal funding. In fact, our consumer legal funding process is so efficient, we can provide cash into the customer’s hands most often the same day they applied – our fastest time was one hour. So if you need cash in a hurry, you can help us help you.

Once you’ve submitted an application online or by phone, please contact your attorney and tell them that; you applied for a legal funding through Oasis, that it is o.k. to discuss your case details with us, and to expect a call from Oasis.

At Oasis, once we receive your consumer legal funding application, several actions will take place:
  1. We will call you to confirm that you contacted your attorney to inform them that you applied for consumer legal funding through Oasis, and to tell your attorney that it is o.k. to discuss your case details with us.
    1. If we cannot reach you, your application will be delayed, therefore please make sure the phone number you provide to us is accurate,
    2. If your attorney will not discuss your case details with us, we will not be able to process your legal funding application.
  2. We’ll contact your attorney to discuss with them the details of your case so we can get a better understanding if we can approve your case for a legal funding and if so, for how much.
We’ll handle all the legal documentation necessary for your consumer legal funding directly with your lawyer.

Depending on your case, we may request from your lawyer some of the documents that your lawyer has gathered to build your case. Again, Oasis will use this information to understand your case better and help us decide whether to provide consumer legal funding and/or for how much. If we do need to see copies of these documents, typically we’ll need one or more of the following:
  • Attorney-client retainer agreement,
  • Police, accident, or incident report,
  • Proof of defendant’s insurance coverage,
  • Summary of medical bills to date,
  • Other materials required for your specific case.
Approval for consumer legal funding is based on the strength of a case. Our team of legal, business and financial professionals carefully reviews each application and legal complaint/lawsuit to assess the probability of an out of court settlement or a win at trial. From that, we determine if your case qualifies for funding and if so for how much.

Anything you can help us with to speed up the review process (i.e., notifying your attorney that you applied, and that we’ll be calling them) will greatly increase the speed with which we can get you the cash you need if approved.

Note: Any information we may receive from you or your attorney regarding the details of your injuries and legal case, is kept in the strictest of confidence. We respect our customer's privacy and created a privacy policy to ensure your information is kept secure.

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