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Consumer Legal Funding – The Basics of Qualifying

Qualifying for consumer legal funding is relatively simple, however there are minimum basic requirements that Oasis looks for when accepting applications for consumer legal funding. The initial qualifying benchmarks are below:

  • You must have hired an attorney on a contingency-fee agreement.
    • That means your attorney agrees to work for you and agrees to get paid out of the proceeds of your case.
    • If they don’t obtain an award for you from your legal complaint/case, they don’t get paid.
  • If you don’t have an attorney representing you, unfortunately we cannot help you find one.
    • However, to find an attorney we would recommend you contact your State’s Bar Association, or visit their specific website, and they will be able to direct you toward a list of attorney from which you can choose.
  • You must have suffered a personal injury.
    • We cannot provide consumer legal funding on cases where there is only property damages.
  • The person you are suing (the Defendant and usually their insurance company) must be able to pay any claim awarded to you.
  • Your attorney must agree to the legal funding transaction, and pay us back out of the case award.
    • Your attorney must actually sign the legal funding agreement, which is actually a benefit to you.
    • This means they have likely reviewed the agreement themselves and has advised you accordingly.
    • If you find a legal funding company that does not require your attorney’s involvement, please beware and ask your attorney to review the agreement anyway.

Oasis Legal would like to help relieve the financial pressure of your lawsuit by getting you the cash you need with a legal funding. Using our consumer legal funding service, you can get the money you need now while your case goes through what can be a long legal process.

As the plaintiff, you may be up against a defendant with deep pockets, whom may not be in any hurry to settle your case and pay you fairly, but you may find that your income and savings isn’t keeping up with your bills. A legal funding can help relieve the financial pressures and reduce the need to accept a settlement too early for too little.

In effect, Oasis Legal Finance levels the playing field. Consumer legal funding buys you time by providing the money you need now. And it gives your lawyer more time to work on your case to get a fair settlement or a judgment at trial.

While the legal process may be long and complex, our legal funding process is easy. Simply start the application on this page, or if you would like to speak with us directly regarding a legal cash funding, call us using the toll free number at the top of this web page.

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