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Tulsa, Oklahoma Structured Settlement Funding

Trying to find a Tulsa, Oklahoma legal finance firm that offers legal funding on future structured settlement payments? If so, Oasis is the firm for you!

If you do not like to wait, our staff can convert part or all of your structured settlement into a single payment that gives you the financial flexibility you've been looking for.

You are getting payments in accordance with the schedule defined in your settlement agreement.Perhaps your payments are the result of a injury case settlement. Whatever the source of your settlement payments, you have an interest in getting the money in a lump sum.

With a lump sum payment, you can use the cash to buy a new home, purchase a new car or pay for a wedding. The money can give you the financial freedom to do things that would otherwise not be possible.

We can help you get the LUMP-SUM PAYMENT you need ASAP. You can meet your financial obligations. All you need to do to get started is complete our free structured settlement lump-sum payment application form on this web page.

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